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Don't Speak
1 July 2008

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Dow Dow
7 February 2008

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14 January 2008

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Grass Wall
3 October 2007

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24 August 2007

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Ouch that's hurt
11 August 2007

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4 May 2007

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Flower of love !
25 April 2007

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11 January 2007

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2 January 2007

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Road part 3
29 December 2006

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18 September 2006

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16 September 2006

Recent Comments

MagentaStudios on Don't Speak
This is sick!! Great editing :)

Vanesa on Benny Martini
I like it!

Guy on ,ljkh
LAME. LOL. FIND A BETTER HOBBY BECAUSE YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sázky on Benny Martini
great shot. exellet work, bravo

D&D on Benny Martini
Hello, Your site is a discovery! I had a great time to go. We cordially invite you to discover our own: ...

Pascale Boudreault on Benny Martini
Ho wow! Sérieusement? J'adore avec le papier peint en arrière plan! :O Si tu as besoin d'un ...

Mark on Benny Martini
great shot,exellent work,bravo

Katalog Stron on Benny Martini
nice shot ,great compo,bravo wish all the best

Ruch Poparcia on Benny Martini
exellent image,fabulous colors ,Bravo

katalog firm on Don't speak
great shot,exellent colours and details

katalog firm on Don't Speak
great shot,exellent colours and details

katalog firm on Benny Martini
great portrait

Eric Larouche on Benny Martini
j'aime bien ce portrait super

Rachel on 6
I think your photos are totally awesome, really amazing. You have a gift, you see things and bring them to life in a ...

rick on Benny Martini
Excellent lighting!

mojan on Benny Martini
like the colors and softness

mojan on selfportrait !
gr8 like

eric on Benny Martini
superb protrait great work

Ju. on Benny Martini
Elle date cette photo, tu l'avais pas déjà mise ? :D Allez Benny, envois du nouveau stock la !

sylvainman on Benny Martini
He's back !? Bon retour parmi nous.

DAVE ID on Benny Martini
Ca fait un temps. Where ya been?

aesh on Don't Speak
freaky, kind of strange that i like it. anyway 10+ for the idea and for the work behind it

Sylviane et Olivier on Don't Speak
belle photo en macro...l'idee est super! On sent le mouvement, la composition est dynamique...enfin, bravo tout ...

zahra on Don't speak
it's u ? what 's up here ?

Shuva Brata Deb on Don't Speak
Yiekees! but lovely work.

jenniellen on Don't Speak
Odd! Kinda freaky! Maybe more of a tongue lashing!

Don on Wheel
Very nice shot and treatment.

Don on Brick

Don on Gwendeline
So stylish and colorful. Beautiful job!

bara on Jen
nice compotition and tone regrads

Pascalounet on Jen
Joli portrait bien cadré et bonne dominante des couleurs ! bravos

Stovepipe on Jen
I like how this is composed, an interesting division of light (face, top half of wall) and dark areas. ...

Laurence on In the tree !
Bravo pour l'ensemble de tes photos,j'aime TOUT (cadrage,couleurs,lumière,retouche..)!

digital photography tip on In the tree !
great tonal range. the skin tones with the shirt and background just matches. the vignetting adds the touch to ...

semaha on In the tree !
Ouais, excellent autoportrait ça Benny. La lumière est vraiment belle et très bien ...

Aaron Schmidt on In the tree !
Strong portrait. I really love the shirt and the background pattern. Wish the bg pattern was solid though and I wish we ...

Tasha on Gwendeline
Very compelling.

Pascalounet on Gwendeline
Beau portrait, bonne composition, éclairage bien maitrisé. Félicitation pour les photos qui ...

Bernard on Gwendeline
Superbe. J'aime le côté vaguement surréaliste (ou cubiste?). Beaux contrastes aussi. Bravo!

Kaddy on Gwendeline
lovely portrait shot!!

kaneli on Gwendeline
Nice one!!great composition

Saeed on Tic Tac Toe
great shot. i love it . . .

controleman on Piano...
Sa sent le Negro Community Center ça! j'aille faire un diminutif du nom de la batisse, mais ceux qui le ...

rick on Piano...
Great work!! I really enjoy your photography and recently added your link to my new project, Keep ...

zahra on Full moon !
I love ur photo because I love ur city.u selected better view

ZmAjEvA on Piano...
Nice gentle feeling.

danthro on Piano...
neat shot. nice light and texture.

/maivju:z/ on Church
this is really good too...nice angle & composition...eye catching and evocative...super job!

/maivju:z/ on Piano...
me too...i really like this shot....very nice capture indeed...

Ju. on Piano...
Vraiment cool ton focus, je pensais pas que cette endroit etait si lumineux. nice shot. ^^

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